Cảm biến từ UP-18S5PA(NA)
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Cảm biến từ UP-18S5PA(NA)

152,800₫ 191,000₫
Thương hiệu KOREA
Mã SP UP-18-18S5NA(PA)

Chính sách bán hàng

Inductive D.C 3 wire type
SizeSide length 18mmSide length 25mmSide length 30mmSide length 40mm
Standard sensing object (mm)Iron 18X18X1Iron 25X25X1Iron 25X25X1Iron 30X30X1Iron 35X35X1Iron 30X30X1Iron 45X45X1Iron 60X60X1
Sensing distance5 mm8 mm5 mm8 mm12 mm10 mm15 mm20 mm
Setting distance0~4.0 mm0~6.4 mm0~4.0 mm0~6.4 mm0~9.6 mm0~8.0 mm0~12.0 mm0~16.0 mm
HysteresisLess than 10% of sensing distance
ponse frequency500 Hz350 Hz500 Hz350 Hz250 Hz300 Hz200 Hz150 Hz
Power supply voltage12~24 V d.c (Usable voltage range 5 - 35 V d.c)
Control outputOpen/Close capacitance200 mA Max. (Resistive load)
Residual voltageMax 1.5 V
Current consumptionMax 6 mA
Operation indicationRed LED
Protective circuitPower reversely connected protective circuit, Surge protective circuit and over current protective
Degree of protectionIP 67 (IEC standard)
Connection structureCable type (standard cable length 2m), Relay connector type
MaterialCase : PBT resin, Cable holder : Polyester elastomer
WeightCable typeapprox. 60gapprox. 60gapprox. 80gapprox. 80gapprox. 80gapprox. 90gapprox. 90gapprox. 110g
Relay connector typeapprox. 20gapprox. 20gapprox. 40gapprox. 40gapprox. 40gapprox.60gapprox. 60gapprox. 80g